Beginning Anew

So basically after trying for years to figure out what I want to do in life, I think I finally found something that inspires me and gives me that hope for a future that doesn't involve being miserable at work every day. Concept art and Illustration. I really want to get into concept art one day, maybe animation, maybe freelance illustration. Anyways I decided to start this as
1. a commitment to myself to try to keep a daily sketchbook, rather digital or traditional, and
2. to show my journey and hopefully inspire others who are beginning to draw and take classes in the graphic design and art fields.  I am currently working as a Sales Manager, and just landed a job as an electrician apprentice, awaiting my start date.  I hope this is just a means to an end, albiet a good trade, I really just hope that I can end up doing something I love. Anyways I hope that I can keep up with this sketchbook project as I am really busy and cannot find the time to do what I want a lot, but I will do my best. I will also try to keep some links posted that I continue to find that help me out a lot, and review some of the dvd's and books that I read and use. Currently I work with a lot of The Gnomon Workshop dvd's and am reading, Andrew Loomis, Vilppu Drawing Manual and DvDs, as well as Sheldons Art Academy videos and Books (Vilppu's Student), Robert Hale's books Drawing Lessons and Anatomy Lessons from the great masters, Masterclass in Figure Drawing, and some of the other 30-40 books I have to inspire me and keep my practice routine different once in a while. Anyways, I hope to get back into the flow of things full force now as this is the third time I have made this commitment to myself and ended up getting caught up in life, or loosing my apartment due to salary cuts at work, or whatever the reason being.