One of the better digital painting tutorials I found from Jamie at Monstercutie.

Great Caricature Video with White Pastel & Ink

Caricature Sketch from Robolus on Vimeo.

Niji Waterbrush Review

This is a great tool that I found on Glen Vilppu's website.  I really got the idea for using it only for Ink drawings to do Ink & Wash, however its great for watercolor as well.  The design is sleek and the fact that they have different sizes seem to be just perfect for detail up to blocking in larger areas.  I use the brush tip personally and I love them.  The handle holds water and with a gentle squeeze its a perfect amount at the tip.  When done just squeeze a bit through the tip and cap them off.  I really love how you don't have to carry around water and such, its always available.  The price is very reasonable as well at dick blick.

New Good Digital Painting Video I found..

Excellent Digital Painting Tutorial for beginners by Neil Fontaine